“whatever returns from oblivion returns to find a voice”

Louise Glück


Nicole DiCello’s poetry has appeared in numerous academic journals and online publications, such as Poetry East, Breakwater Review, Nimrod, The New Guard, and The Massachusetts Review. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing Poetry from Emerson College, and lives in Worcester, MA where she leads the Worcester Workshop for Publishing Poets.

Curriculum Vitae for Nicole DiCello


The Massachusetts Review: “Alpha Centauri” (volume 55, issue 2) 2014

Common Ground Review: “Ode to the Dreamworld” and 2014
“Inextricable” (volume 16.1)

Breakwater Review: “The Arrival” (issue 7) 2012

The New Guard: “The Long Emergency” (volume 2) 2012

Blue Mesa Review: “Nebular Hypothesis” (issue 24) 2011

Nimrod: “The Cherry Tree” (spring/summer issue) 2011

Nimrod: “Parallax,” “After Your Harsh Words (Jupiter Undone)” 2010
(spring/summer issue)

Concho River Review: “Brown Dwarf” (spring issue) 2009

Mid-America Poetry Review: “After” (winter 2008-2009 issue) 2009

Ballard Street Poetry Journal: “Mars Transiting 4 a.m.”  (winter issue) 2009

Ibbetson St. Review: “Blueshift” (issue 25) 2008

The Somerville News: “Redshift” (October 22, 2008) 2008

Poetry East: “Black Hole,” “Dark Matter,” “Falling Star,” “Collisions,” 2008
and “Antares” (issue 62)

Ibbetson St. Review: “The Corset” (issue 21) 2007

profusion: “Persephone” (volume 2) 1996

profusion: “Distortion” (volume 1) 1995


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