New beginnings and workshopping season

Here it is, my brand new website! I can’t believe I created this after so many years of deliberating. Now that it’s here, it seems absurd how long I fought with myself about creating such a site. Poetry, and by extension my self, are supposed to live in the non-wired world, on pages that smell of ink inside books you can hold that are redolent of bookbinding glue. But creating this site doesn’t need to be at odds with that sensibility. And it’s a time of new beginnings for me as I break the bounds, walls, and structures I erected and cultivated for years. I intend this site to be a place where all of my writerly life can dwell. There will be info about my poetry, who I’m currently excited about in the world of poetry, readings I’m giving/participating in, and the new workshop I’m leading. So by the way, if you’d like to sign up for my Worcester Workshop for Publishing Poets (WoWoPuPo), please see the flyer on the Workshops page and contact me since it starts next week!

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